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Contest 14 - September 1st to October 14th 2006
Announcing the winner of Contest 14

Show Number 153 - October 14th 2006 - Announcing the winner of Contest 14, plus a call for video poetry and poets willing to experiment with audio-blogging, thanks to P.W. Fenton at Uncle Jesse's Shorts and a promo for PodcastConUK.

Average markIndividual marks
Rat Race by Scroobius Pip7.2109101010991010101010910634861075599325621878844598
Random Musings from a lonely Room by Andy M5.38764257634756357464107724410465463947552776
Hurricane by Will Brown6.256732578276777355565665658467471010588878910
A Man Came by Zaza Murray4.58552564437333766544762339575151617613165
Six More by Don by Don Schaeffer5.343525874687144510955694229655261669754862
The Baby That Ate Cincinnati by Matt Mason6.62676275818427887105857810131010999104597792778

Will Brown retrospective plus a Gerry Champion poem

Show Number 152 - October 5th 2006 - It's National Poetry Day in the UK. In this show we have a poem "Temptation" from UK poet Gerry Champion, plus a retrospective of Will Brown's audio blog The Workshop examining the creation process for his poem "Hurricane" competing in the current contest.


Interviews with Scroobius Pip and Don Schaeffer

Show Number 151 - October 1st 2006 - Featuring interviews with Scroobius Pip and Don Schaeffer. Joe Green's podcast can be found here.


Round-up for Contest 14

Show Number 150 - September 25th 2006 - Featuring excerpts of all 6 poems competing in Contest 14. The contestants: Scroobius Pip, Andy M, Will Brown, Zaza Murray, Don Schaeffer and Matt Mason.


The Baby That Ate Cincinnati by Matt Mason

Show Number 149 - September 22nd 2006 - Featuring "The Baby That Ate Cincinnati" by Matt Mason.


Six More by Don by Don Schaeffer

Show Number 148 - September 18th 2006 - Featuring "Six More by Don" by Don Schaeffer.


A Man Came by Zaza Murray

Show Number 147 - September 15th 2006 - Featuring "A Man Came" by Zaza Murray, accompanied by Earth Hum and The Frozen Nile. Listen to Simon's audio blog and join in the discussions on the Slam Idol discussion forum.


Hurricane by Will Brown

Show Number 146 - September 11th 2006 - Featuring "Hurricane" by Will Brown. Find out the history of the poem at The Workshop. Plus a promo for Little Red's Writing Hood.


Random Musings from a lonely Room by Andy M

Show Number 145 - September 5th 2006 - Featuring "Random Musings from a lonely Room" by Andy M from the band August. Check out Stephen Mead's videos.


Rat Race by Scroobius Pip

Show Number 144 - September 3rd 2006 - Featuring "Rat Race" by Scroobius Pip, plus a promo for Cloudy Day Art. Check out the audio-blogs at The Workshop.


Slam Idol Rewind 2

Show Number 143 - September 1st 2006 - This show takes a look back to some of the most popular poems from the archives of Slam Idol. The featured poems are "My Girlfriend is So Fat" by Drey Monserrat, "Home" by Dasha Kelly, "Life in a Can" by Paul Nicholls, "American Dream" by Al Brenner, "A Sterile And Elegant Room" by Belinda Subraman, "Drink the Wine" by Larry Winfield and When Will It Come? by Steven F. Radzikowski.


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