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SLAM IDOL Home: Contests: Contest 13
Contest 13 - August 6th to 27th 2006
Announcing the winner of Contest 13

Show Number 142 - August 27th 2006 - Announcing the winner of Contest 13, plus announcements from Hellicane Blogshow and Mike McGee's Podcast, and a track called "Come A Long Way" by Tons Of Fun University.

Average markIndividual marks
P.Summind The Glorious Underdog5.5713344444555555555556666666677777778910
Nat Clare Sex Bag8.62610101071091051078810810810951010948101010789910810107
Chris Cowley Psychology5.3513654675669765347106857174465456536
Ken Munro Randy5.6914175374105106852364887610105426831065673
Endless Dreamer Perfect Place62251878854779645457794567109574767658
Stephen Mead The Red Divan5.72256657856746657666567669136696567675

Interview with Stephen Mead

Show Number 141 - August 24th 2006 - Featuring an interview with Stephen Mead.


Interview with Nat Clare

Show Number 140 - August 21st 2006 - Featuring Nat Clare being interviewed by Paul Blackburn.


Round-up for Contest 13

Show Number 139 - August 18th 2006 - Featuring excerpts of all 6 poems competing in Contest 13. The contestants: P.Summind, Nat Clare, Chris Cowley, Ken Munro, Endless Dreamer, Stephen Mead. Plus a promo for Second Wind Club.


The Red Divan by Stephen Mead

Show Number 138 - August 16th 2006 - Featuring "The Red Divan" by Stephen Mead.


Perfect Place by Endless Dreamer

Show Number 137 - August 14th 2006 - Featuring "Perfect Place" by Endless Dreamer, also known as Andy N.


Randy by Ken Munro

Show Number 136 - August 12th 2006 - Featuring "Randy" by Ken Munro, plus news of the new Slam Idol Forum, and thanks to Madge Weinstein.


Psychology by Chris Cowley

Show Number 135 - August 10th 2006 - Featuring "Psychology" by Chris Cowley, plus news of the 'Throw it Thru your Speakers' podcast.


Sex Bag by Nat Clare

Show Number 134 - August 8th 2006 - Featuring "Sex Bag" by Nat Clare, plus a promo for Podcast User Magazine.


The Glorious Underdog by P.Summind

Show Number 133 - August 6th 2006 - Featuring "The Glorious Underdog" by P.Summind, plus a promo from The Write Stuff podcast.


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