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Contest 12 - June 23th to August 1st 2006
Announcing the winner of Contest 12

Show Number 132 - August 1st 2006 - Announcing the winner of Contest 12, plus promos from John Rhodes and Podcast User Magazine, and a bonus poem 'I Mailed Myself a Love Letter Yesterday' by Mike McGee.

Average markIndividual marks
Anthony Maulucci6.069296861011686465868
Chris Mooney-Singh5.949386105717562367679
Patricia Irvine5.22817392856452525688
G S Buss6.508658927188710396668
Mike McGee7.17810101063610410544789510
Larry Winfield6.8393688881465610610979

Interview with Patricia Irvine

Show Number 131 - July 27th 2006 - Featuring an interview with Patricia Irvine.


Round-up for Contest 12

Show Number 130 - July 16th 2006 - Featuring excerpts of all 6 poems competing in Contest 12. The contestants: Anthony Maulucci, Chris Mooney-Singh, Patricia Irvine, G S Buss, Mike McGee and Larry Winfield.


Monkey King by Larry Winfield

Show Number 129 - July 14th 2006 - Featuring "Monkey King" by Larry Winfield. Special thanks to The Guardian's Culture Vulture blog.


The Song of Doves

Show Number 128 - July 7th 2006 - Featuring an excerpt of "The Song of Doves". Full text of the poem here. Donate here.


Like by Mike McGee

Show Number 127 - July 6th 2006 - Featuring "Like" by Mike McGee. Special thanks to Roger Smalls.


Wind by G S Buss

Show Number 126 - July 4th 2006 - Featuring "Wind" by G S Buss. Other links: The Association of Poetry Podcasting Podcast User Magazine.


Solitude by Patricia Irvine

Show Number 125 - June 29th 2006 - Featuring "Solitude" by Patricia Irvine.


Mooncake by Chris Mooney-Singh

Show Number 124 - June 27th 2006 - Featuring "Mooncake" by Chris Mooney-Singh of The Singapore Slam.


In a Time of Terror by Anthony Maulucci

Show Number 123 - June 23rd 2006 - Featuring "In a Time of Terror" by Anthony Maulucci. His poetry web site is He is the author of Dear Dante, a novel about love, murder and mysticism set in present-day Tuscany and New England, available from - more info at


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