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How to subscribe to a podcast

For those of you who are new to podcasting and do not know how to subscribe to a podcast, I'd like to explain how easy it can be.

STEP 1 Install a podcatching client. There are several out there. One of the most popular is iTunes version 4.9 or later. Another very popular one is Juice (previously known as iPodder), which is free, and runs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux. This video shows you how to install Juice on Windows:
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STEP 2 Once you've got your podcatching client installed and running, you copy the link from the RSS feed. This is usually an orange button marked XML or RSS. Click here for screen shots. This video shows you how to do steps 2 and 3 with Juice:
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STEP 3 Paste the link into your podcatching client. Click here for screen shots.

Then, every time a new show is released on the podcast, you'll get it downloaded automatically. You can configure your computer it to download all the available shows. If you set it up correctly, the MP3 files will even end up right in your music library or on your MP3 player, all automatically.

You can have any number of subscriptions in your podcatching client, so with just one click you can check for shows from all your favourite podcasts.

You'll see it really doesn't make any sense visiting lots of web-pages every day and clicking on links to download individual MP3 files.

Just subscribe!

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tutorial for subscribing to podcast