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The Slam Idol Podcast

Voting is over. Results soon...
Interview with Jan McLaughlin

Show Number 20 - May 21st 2005 - Featuring an interview with Jan McLaughlin, and notice to continue rating the poems, but please take the time to rate all 6 poems.


Round up for Contest 2

Show Number 19 - May 19th 2005 - Featuring excerpts of all 6 poems competing in Contest 2. Listen to the poems here and then start rating them at around midnight GMT on Friday night (May 20th).


First public performance by Yasmin Butt

Show Number 18 - May 16th 2005 - Featuring sound-seeing of a live poetry performance by Yasmin Butt, and an excerpt from The Richard Vobes Radio Show.


Simba's Song by Edwin Wilson

Show Number 17 - May 13th 2005 - Featuring "Simba's Song" by Edwin Wilson, and a promo for Audio Book podcast of "Lady Chatterly's Lover" by D.H. Lawrence.


Trout Fishing in Los Angeles by Rick Lupert

Show Number 16 - May 8th 2005 - Featuring "Trout Fishing in Los Angeles" by Rick Lupert.


Chocolate by Will Brown

Show Number 15 - May 5th 2005 - Featuring "Chocolate" by Will Brown. Plus thanks to Podcast Paul and Richard Vobes.


Tony Blair by Aym

Show Number 14 - April 30th 2005 - Featuring "Tony Blair" by Aym. If you like the SlamIdol podcast, why not vote for it at


Compost Thunder by Jan McLaughlin

Show Number 13 - April 29th 2005 - Featuring "Compost Thunder" by Jan McLaughlin.


I'm A Believer by Elvis McGonagall

Show Number 12 - April 25th 2005 - Featuring "I'm A Believer" by Elvis McGonagall.


Announcing the winner of contest 1

Show Number 11 - April 24th 2005 - Announcing the winner of the first contest. (Click the graph to enlarge.) Also mentioning the online videos of a recent Poetry Slam in Oxford.


Dan and Tamara

Show Number 10 - April 22nd 2005 - Keep Voting, using the panel on the right of this page! Voting ends Saturday April 23rd at midnight GMT. Show featuring a mail from Tamara Woods and an interview with Dan Adinolfi.


Aym Interview

Show Number 9 - April 21st 2005 - Featuring an interview with AYM.


Keep Voting!

Show Number 8 - April 19th 2005 - This show features a preview of "I'm A Believer" by Elvis McGonagall. Other links: cakefolder, iPodder.


Start Voting!

Show Number 7 - April 17th 2005 - Start Voting, using the panel on the right of this page! Plus feedback from microbie and Chris Boldiston.


Quiet by Tamara Woods

Show Number 6 - April 15th 2005 - Featuring poem "Quiet" by Tamara Woods.


My Town On The Erie Canal by Dan Adinolfi

Show Number 5 - April 12th 2005 - Featuring poem "My Town On The Erie Canal" by Dan Adinolfi.


you gotta fight for your right to latte by Luke Wright

Show Number 4 - April 10th 2005 - Featuring poem "you gotta fight for your right to latte" by Luke Wright.


Hymn by Nii Parkes

Show Number 3 - April 5th 2005 - Featuring a poem called "Hymn" by Nii Parkes, and thanks to the Podcast, The MacCast, and Safe Digression for mentioning the SlamIdol podcast.


The Better Beggar by The PodPoet

Show Number 2 - April 3rd 2005 - The second podcast featuring a poem called "The Better Beggar" by The Pod Poet.


Dust 2 Dust by AYM

Show Number 1 - April 1st 2005 - Introductory podcast featuring a poem called "Dust 2 Dust" by AYM.



Welcome to the Slam Idol podcast - the poetry slam on your iPod or other MP3 player.

You'll hear performances from a pick of the best up-and-coming performance poets.

Then you'll be able to vote to let us know which performances you preferred the most - and you'll get to hear how the poets feel about the votes you've cast.

When all the votes are in, we'll announce who will be the winner of the Slam Idol contest.


Would you like your poetry performances to be heard by hundreds of people all over the world? Why not participate in this Internet-based audio Poetry Slam?

There's no cash prize, but then there's no fee to participate!

Submit your MP3 file, CD or cassette of a performance no more than 3 minutes in length. It could be a live recording in front of an audience, or a studio recording. You choose. As people cast their votes, it would be great if we could get your feedback an e-mail, interview or audio diary.

Promote your website, your CD, your gigs. Be heard alongside some of the best up-and-coming performance poets. Maybe you'll be crowned the Slam Idol!


The Slam Idol Podcast - the poetry slam on your iPod or other MP3 player.

Use this link to get the podcast:

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